Win the Day: Volume 9 (Election Day Eve)

Make More Possible | November 5, 2018

Tomorrow we vote.

And the day after that, we’ll rest.  (Actually, we’re going bowling.) 

And then, win or lose (and it’s usually some of both), we’ll keep organizing.  However things go on Tuesday, we’re still in.  We have to be.  There’s too much at stake: how we care for each other, what we build together, the future we’re leaving for those who follow.

The Politics of Joy have kept us grounded this year.

We’re both scrambling for the win and dreaming about what’s possible.  We can hear the dog-whistlers, we can name them, and then we go prove them wrong.  Yeah, we’re on the team that sings.


We’ll share some analysis on Wednesday when this all shakes out.  But in the meantime, we want to know: win or lose: what has this election meant for you?

Kenza and Chris

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