Win the Day: What’s next?

Make More Possible | November 12, 2018

Dear Friends, 

In this 90 second video, Ricardo Levins Morales explains that when it comes to political change, the soil is more important than the seeds. That means, the political landscape we’re working in matters. And we can cultivate the soil —  that is, the values, narratives, and ideas — so that more is possible in the future. 

 “The soil is more important than the seeds.”

We started this blog series, Win the Day, three months ago to explore the idea of not just winning an election, but winning the day. What does it take, we wondered, to make more possible? 

How do we shape a political landscape that’s big enough for all of us? That’s bold enough so our solutions actually match the scope of the problems we face? What new narratives do we need to make the impossible possible? Each week we aimed to lift up people, ideas, and stories challenging the status quo. 

Here’s the truth: we love writing to you. And, we really love to hear your thoughts. In addition to this blog, Chris and I (Kenza) have a news digest where we share what we’re reading, watching, and listening to that week. 

Whether you’re a reader, volunteer, a member, or a member leader, you have a political home at TakeAction Minnesota. We want to hear from YOU. What kind of content are you interested in from TakeAction Minnesota? This will be our last Win the Day blog for now. Keep your eyes out for new digital content and be sure to get on our email list. We love your feedback and suggestions. Email us at info@takeactionminnesota.org. 

— Kenza and Chris 

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