Tough Questions (Restore the Vote Block Party)

Join the Leaders of the Justice 4 All (J4A) Program Tuesday, September 27th at 5pm as we host the Restore the Vote MN Coalition for a Block Party, door knock and phone bank. We will be reaching out to formally incarcerated Minnesotans across the state to move them to action this election. 

Today, there are at least 20,000 incarcerated people across the country on strike demanding fair wages, better work conditions and humane treatment. This is the largest prison strike in the history of our country. People are risking their safety, being thrown into isolation and cut off from their family members just to make sure their voices are heard.

What are you risking to make this world more humane?

Today, many people sat glued to their phones as another unarmed Black Man was gunned down in Tulsa, Oklahoma and videotaped for all of us to watch. Another family has lost one of its own to state-sanctioned violence. Let the outcry and demand for Justice begin as another person transitions from a living man to a hashtag.

What are you demanding?

This past weekend, we saw the community of Saint Cloud, MN torn apart by an individual’s senseless acts of violence. In the days that follow, the Somali and Muslim community will face threats and violence as backlash. The many will be blamed for the actions of one. Yet, the same day of the attack, members of the community spoke up and against the attack and Islamophobia.

What are you speaking up for and fighting against?

The leaders of the Justice 4 All Program answer these types of questions every day. James is speaking up and fighting against barriers to housing for formally incarcerated people. Londel is demanding Police be accountable to community. Amity and Eliot are working with Kevin, Deon, Robert and Zeke who are taking risks by organizing in prison and demanding humane treatment for all people. We know that these are people made problems and only people can solve them. Join us if you need a place to help solve some problems and answer tough questions.

This month J4A continues the fight to restore voting rights for 47,000 people who are denied the right to vote because they are on probation. Tuesday, September 27th from 5pm – 9pm we will be hosting the Restore the Vote Coalition for a Block Party as we build a “bloc” of formally incarcerated and convicted people across the state. Come out and take action with us.

Restore the Vote MN Coalition
Block Party, Phone Bank and Door Knock
5pm – 9pm
Food starts at 5pm, on the phones/doors by  6:30pm
TakeAction Minnesota
705 Raymond Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55114
More info at this link http://tinyurl.com/restorethevote 


Justin Terrell
Justice 4 All Program Manager