Movement Politics: Building Progressive Power in 2022 and Beyond

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Minnesotans have a choice in front of us: In 2022, we have midterm elections in Minnesota where every statewide office and the entire legislature are up for election, along with a host of August primaries. The image of Republicans in legislative majorities or the governor’s mansion threatens our safety, health, freedoms, and future. While Democrat majorities are important and our need to contribute to that work is clear, our vision requires more. In addition to majorities, we must develop and support champions within those majorities who are doing the work to meet grassroots demands for a just transition from fossil fuels, transforming public safety beyond policing, building a caring economy and delivering reproductive justice. 

We have all had moments when we felt desperate for change and saw no progress. The struggles to stop the Enbridge Line 3 tar sands pipeline, to transform public safety beyond policing, to reign in out-of-control prescription drug costs, and to decide for ourselves about our reproductive healthcare further daylight the necessity for building not only Democrat majorities – but majorities ready to act boldly on the most pressing issues in our lives.  

At TakeAction we are clear that Republicans are advancing genocidal ideologies, attacking our freedoms and democracy, and sitting on billions of dollars that our communities need in a callous political game. In order to stop their dangerous power grab in its tracks, elected officials from all parties – especially Democrats – must stand for more than Minnesota Nice politics, bipartisanship and half-measures. 

The Line 3 tar sands pipeline was built with the passive or active support of Democrats at every level of government including the counties, state house, state senate, governor, congress, and the presidency. It is common for Democrat elected officials to say “Black Lives Matter” one day and advocate for additional police funding the next. Under their watch, Big Pharma lobbyists successfully took policies that would make life-saving medicine affordable off the end-of-session bargaining table. Together, we must increase the power of progressive champions within every governing body possible. 

Staying grounded in these realities is critical. This is where Movement Politics comes in: we cannot passively go along with politics as usual; we must start doing politics as it should be. We know that no single candidate can bring about the change we need, but that change comes from each of us finding our role in delivering the promise of this country: a multiracial, gender-inclusive democracy. 

TakeAction Minnesota’s member-led political committee and Board of Directors endorse candidates because we believe in their demonstrated values and intended impacts. We’ve seen these candidates leverage their governing power with clarity, courage, and responsibility to prioritize working-class communities over political expediency.  

We celebrate our endorsed candidates’ bold stances to act for the people and against corporate greed. They’ve spoken out against Line 3 and violent, unaccountable policing. They’ve stood with our communities and fought for abortion rights, accessible and affordable healthcare, and a democracy that gives all of us a seat at the table.  

Endorsements are a crucial part of our work to set a higher standard for our elected officials and disrupt politics that operate from a place of scarcity and exclusion. We’re building a multiracial democracy where we all can have a say in what our communities need to not just survive, but to thrive.  

There are many ways we must take action to create the future we deserve – and elections are one of them. This election season TakeAction members are running for office across the state, and others are volunteering to make sure they win. Together, we’re going to have 20,000 conversations with our neighbors to elect people ready to lead boldly and build our movement. 

Join us: We’re deep canvassing with community members across Minnesota every Wednesday until November. We’re not only getting people out to vote – we’re building real progressive power through electing bold leaders in the primary and general elections. Sign up for a shift today.  

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